The initiation fee per property if $200. the initiation fee is subject to forfeiture and will have to be repaid if the annual dues of the property address become 2 years in arrears beginning January 1st, 2022. The property initiation fee is transferable to new future owners as long as the membership annual dues are current and in good standing. The initiation fee is non-refundable.

Swan Lake has 2 types of annual memberships:

  • Active – $250 – Active members are property owners who pay the full annual membership fee entitling them to all lake privileges, including voting rights subject to our bylaws.
  • Conditional – $250 – Conditional members are owners whose properties abut Swan Lake property and have requested and received approval from the Board to purchase a membership.  They are entitled to all lake privileges but they do not have voting rights.

Membership fees are based upon the annual calendar year and are not pro-rated. Fees are due no later than March 15th of each calendar year. Late fees apply after that date.

FOR HOA MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS please contact LS Management at 678-272-2038 or [email protected].

*NOTICE* *A virtual GeoKey key is needed to access the lake, islands and beach house parking lot. No parking is allowed in front of any of our property's gates, on bridges of islands or outside of the fences with the exception of the small parking area outside of Gene Adams Park playground. TOWING ENFORCED! (Swanson Towing service). This is a safety hazard for members and emergency services. Members in good standing may obtain gate access through our smartphone mobile access platform. There is a nonrefundable $30 processing fee for obtaining the this service. The ramp located next to the beach area, at 100 Lakeshore Dr, is the only allowable location for boat launching and removal. NO FISHING ALLOWED from boat Launch area or Boat Launch dock!  If you should need an invoice or key access, please contact our HOA management company: LS Management at 678-272-2038 or [email protected].